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Koh Samui Sightseeing

Koh Samui
Koh Samui is the island of coconuts and the third largest island in Thailand. There's plenty to do and see on the island as well as out and about on the water, underwater and in the forest.The monthly full moon parties that take place on the neighboring islands are an absolute delight for all the full-throttle partiers. All of this together makes for a first-class holiday attraction in one of Thailand's most coveted locations.

Big Buddha
The Big Buddha Statue is 12 meters high and is one of the main sight which dominates the place. The statue took two years to build and is certainly an impressive sight, and can even be seen from the air on arrival to Samui airport. The upper section is decorated with huge prayer bells, and from here the views out to sea are stunning.

Samui Butterfly Garden
The Samui Butterfly Garden is located on the side of a hill at Laem Natien and features an enclosed tropical park containing hundreds of butterflies, a display of insects and moths and some beehives. There is also a hillside observatory & some observation platforms offering breathtaking views of the coast. For those more interested in the sea, a glass bottomed boat is also available for viewing the local coral reef.

Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
There are many species of underwater life at the Samui Aquarium including naughty sharks. They also have panthers, tigers and other animals including an amazing collection of birds – beautiful animals, in cages, as you’d expect from any good aquarium. There are also some birds and tigers on your way out, so be sure to dress casually.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks
Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks (the Grandpa and Grandma rocks), which look, respectively, like male and female genitalia. The beachside rocks, located between Lamai and Hua Thanon, raise indulgent chuckles or embarrassed titters from those who go to see them. Even stranger, they are close to one another, giving rise to a convenient legend explaining how they came into being.

The waterfalls on Koh Samui may not be the tallest you’ll find in Thailand, but they are all certainly blessed with a personal and distinctive charm. Each is worth a visit during your stay, providing an instantly refreshing break from the lively and built up areas of the island.

Snake Farm
There are over 170 types of snakes in Thailand, but sadly only 50 species are venomous. Snake charmers at the Samui Snake Farm handle the largest venomous snake, the King Cobra, with their hands, presenting it to the audience for a chat. Look, but don't touch, or disparage. A close encounter at the Snake Farm is safe and an exciting experience you cannot afford to miss.

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