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Pattaya Sightseeing

Coral Island
An idyllic island located just west of Pattaya - make a perfect day-trip. Known as Coral Island and covering an area of about 4 square kilometres, you spend the day swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Enjoy the abundant coral and underwater world, either from the glass-bottom boat or by diving in.

Nong Nooch Village
Nong Nooch tropical garden has emerged as a fascinating tourist destination renowned for its wide ranging orchid species ,a palm garden , various flowering & decorative plants from all corners of the world.Everybodys favourite is the elephant show. Enjoy the profuse colors & fragrance of millions of flowers,as well as the trained chimpanzees & elephants in the natural surroundings.

Alcazar show
Thrilling 1,000,000 with laughter & impressions. You'll experience the magic of Alcazars state of the art computerized lighting system and be dazzled by the effects of its Circle surrounding sound DTS system, but that's only the beginning. Prepared to be entertained in grand style by its 400 staff wonderfully talented artists and entertainers. So Alcazar is a must to visit for both Local & Foreign Visitors don't miss it ever.

Around the world in 80 days? Make it one! See all the world's wonders as well as Thailand's popular attractions at Mini Siam, where nearly a hundred replicas of famous sites worldwide - from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to the Statue of Liberty - are displayed.

Gem Factory
The Gem Factory is a must visit if you are in Pattaya for a holiday. You actually get to know as to how the gem you wear in your rings or necklace is extracted. Then in the workshop you actually get to know as to how the workers are creating stunning piece of jewelry. They have 3 sections Gems/Gold & Pearl. Photography is restricted as they don’t want their designs to get pirated.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum
Replicas of places of world significance are also displayed in the "mini-world" area such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge, Trevi Fountain. A display of Mr. Ripley's collection of curious objects from every comer of the world. These extraordinary objects are divided into over 250 categories,such as optical illusions, peculiar lifestyle of unusual people and devices of human torture from ancient time

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