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The star effect: Importance of grade-system in hotels

The star effect: Importance of grade-system in hotels

In today's era you can classify each and everything under the sun. From your kitchen utility to bathroom accessories, pubs and hotels, everything comes with reviews, consumers' feedbacks, personal recommendations etc. There is a kind of classification and rank to evaluate and analyze each and everything. So are the hotels and resorts that have standard star rating system to define their value and services. Their grade-based evaluation holds relevance to the needs and likes of a traveller. Stars are something which makes the property shine and which is universally accepted when it comes to ranking the hotels. So, while booking for a hotel room or a resort, the majority of consumers, travel agents and corporate organizations need this must-have traditional classification system. Let's see why.

To judge the quality

With the official hotel rating system of stars, the consumers can rely on the quality and services offered. The more the number of stars, the larger is the value that is associated to the hotel's amenities and hospitality. The system aims to rate the quality, consistency and perceived value of the facilities and services. Therefore you can easily be reliant on the stars for your luxurious stay.

Faster bookings

The star ratings holds a lot of significance when it comes to taking trouble-free and quick decisions about booking a hotel. One can blindly trust on the stars to book a best hotel or a resort at a particular location. Star-based evaluation is an extremely crucial tool for an effective decision making process. Infact it is a determining factor in accessing the hotel for their services, accommodation, menu and other in-room facilities.

A good marketing tool

Stars play a major role in scoring system which is equally helpful for the big groups and properties from marketing point of view. As the grade-based rating classify the property's quality, the hoteliers and corporate travel agents can easily rake in more moolah. For example, a hotel with a 5-star rating is automatically differentiated from the hotels with lower ratings. It's clearly the hard-earned reward that the hoteliers can use as a marketing strategy. The professionals can easily take advantage of the star resources to sell their property at decent rates.

Making a first impression

Besides online reviews, social media posts and personal inputs; the star ratings are the first thing customers judge the hotel by. While booking hotel online, the user will definitely look out for the stars which serves as first-hand source for the necessary details. And yes, the number of stars does impact the booking.

For the trust

When it comes to booking the best resort and hotel, star-ratings are like trusted bibles. Be it accommodation, luxury, elegance, good supervision, high-end cuisine, decorum or furnishings, you can be dependent on the stars as a reliable mark of standard. Star ratings are trustworthy, convincing and a valuable mark of quality.

Its authentic and valid

The number of stars that provides accurate analysis and assessment of the particular property are done by the investigators at a legal level. Hence, the managers involved have no personal interest in the outcome and results of the system. This means the criteria and guidelines that rank a hotel is legitimate and genuine. Highly experienced management operatives carry it out with a set of quality standards without any manipulations or self-implied changes. There are no personal opinion or user feedbacks here to influence your decision. It is all about standardization.

Main source of reference

True, one can check multiple sources of information, websites, personal recommendations and reviews for reassurance. But star-system is something that carries more details and credibility as compared to the many self-supplied online reviews by many hotels and resorts. Online ratings and reviews can be inconsistent and misleading whereas by counting the stars, you don't have to look any further. It goes without saying that if you book a 5 star hotel, it's obviously the best.

All-inclusive perspective

The stars truly shines for a hotel as it reflects the comprehensive or national perspective of evaluation and not just the personal. It is simplified, common and gives a better outlook for a given property. Without any photos, feedbacks, and information, you can make the most informed decision.

So, while looking for a great hotel, it's a must to focus on star ratings. When varying reviews, feedbacks, inputs, website ratings leave you puzzled, the star ratings comes handy. It comes to your rescue and gives you a specific definition of the best of hotels and resorts.

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