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Travel Insurance

A comprehensive Travel Insurance policy that covers unexpected medical and non-medical expenses when you are travelling abroad. Avail of benefits like Baggage loss/delay and unique facilities such as Cashless hospitalisation, worldwide.

Our Travel Insurance plans are the most preferred among others because we cover Pre-Existing diseases in life-threatening emergency situations.*

A long drawn vacation, an official tour or a trip to study...whatever your reason, traveling abroad, is full of exciting times. And why let anything come between you and your trip abroad. Be it a loss of passport or a sudden ailment or even loss/delay of your baggage... leave all your travel worries to "Primark Travel House Pvt. Ltd." and explore a whole new destination with complete peace of mind!

With Primark Travel House Pvt. Ltd., travel insurance, there is a plan to suit every need. And with a range of plans covering pleasure and business travel, you will find adequate coverage for a premium that is much lower than you ever expected.


  1. What is Overseas Travel Insurance?

    Overseas Travel Insurance(OTI) helps in emergencies like Medical expenses,death, Accident, Loss/Delay of Checked in baggage, Loss of Passport, Trip Cancellation / Curtailment, Missed connection and Bounced Hotel booking etc while traveling Abroad.

  2. Why should traveler purchase Insurance?

    In India, medical costs easily run into multiple of thousands of Rupees, so the medical costs run into thousand of DOLLARS abroad.
    On call guidance when dealing with some unfortunate, unforeseen problems like medical emergencies, loss/delay of baggage, Trip cancellation, Loss of Passport etc.
    You can also get contact details of medical service providers like hospitals, clinics, chemists, diagnostic centers etc. while abroad.
    Automatic extension of 7days without extra charge if necessitated by delay of public transport services beyond the control of insured person.

  3. What is the period of the policy?

    Initial cover for minimum 4days upto maximum 180 days is provided under Business and holiday plans. Extension is allowed for further period subject to declaration of good health and acceptance by insurance company.

  4. Who can take this Insurance?

    Anybody going abroad for:

    1. Pleasure Tours / Private Visits
    2. Business Travel

  5. What is Evacuation?

    Expenses for physician ordered emergency medical evacuation, including medically appropriate transportation and necessary medical care en route, to the nearest suitable hospital when the insured person is critically ill or injured and no suitable local care is available, subject to the prior approval of the Medical Advisors.

  6. What is Repatriation?

    If the insured person dies outside the Republic of India, the expenses for preparing the air transportation of the remains for repatriation to the Republic of India or up to an equivalent amount for a local burial or cremation in the country where the death occurred. All expenses must be approved by Coris International before the remains are prepared for transportation to the Republic of India or for local burial or cremation.

  7. What is Personal Liability?

    This Insurance will pay up to the limit of cover shown in the schedule if the Insured Person in his or her private capacity becomes legally liable to pay for accidental bodily injury to third parties for accidental damage to Third Party Properties, arising from an incident during the covered trip.

  8. What is Trip Cancellation and Trip Curtailment?

    It compensates for loss of personal accommodation or travel charges paid or contracted to be paid by the insured, which are not recoverable from any other source, following the necessary & unavoidable:

    1. Cancellation before trip because of:

      1. Insurer's death, serious injury or sudden Sickness or requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hrs.
      2. Serious injury/death sudden sickness of insurer's Spouse or parent or child requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hrs. Compulsory quarantine or prevention of travel by Government.

    1. Curtailment (the cutting short by early return to India) of the trip because of:

      1. Death, serious injury or sudden sickness of your Spouse or child residing with you in India.
      2. The hijack of an aircraft in which you are traveling as a fare-paying passenger.

  9. What is Missed Connection?

    In case of the Insured Person missing a connecting flight or train or ship/cruise (due to cancellation of service or departure, delayed departure, change of route, non-landing/docking, offloading of passengers due to any reason including overbooking) then the expenses as in Policy certificate and as per Policy Terms and Conditions shall be reimbursed to the extent of 90%

  10. What is Dental cover?

    Dental cover is dental services for the immediate relief of dental pain only, upto USD 225 per occurrence.

  11. What is Bounced Hotel Booking?

    In case of the Insured Person not getting hotel services booked on confirmed basis with the suppliers, the Insured would be reimbursed 90% of the cost of expenses relating to transportation to the alternative hotel, cost of up gradation to a superior class of hotel if required.

  12. What is Personal Accident?

    If anytime during the covered trip, the insured sustains any bodily injury resulting solely and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means, then the insured person or his legal representative (s),as the case may, will be paid, the capital as mentioned in policy schedule, if such injury shall within twelve calendar months of occurrence be sole and direct cause of:

    1. Death of insured person
    2. Permanent Total Disablement (as defined in policy)of the insured person
    3. Total and irrevocable loss of both eyes and two limbs or one eye and one limb

    Provided always that the policy will not pay under more than one of the foregoing sub clauses in respect of the same accident.

  13. What if I am frequently travelling abroad?

    If you are frequently travelling abroad we have Corporate Frequent Flyer Plan. This Annual plan is for a person who travels abroad frequently.
    It covers the traveler for the full year, subject to each trip should not exceed 60 days & all the trips put together in a year should not exceed 180 days.
    The advantage of this plan is that the person need not obtain policies on every visit. Also this plan proves to be a cheaper than taking separate policies. The maximum age limit is 70 years.

  14. What is the age limit and criteria of purchasing Policy?

    Insurance can be granted to travelers between the ages of 6 months to 90 years subject to medical reports wherever require,
    Above 70years medical reports required are:

    1. ECG Report
    2. Fasting Blood Sugar and Urine Test Report
    3. Medical Request Form to be filled by MD doctor

    In absence of above Reports covers for sickness & accidental injuries shall be limited to USD12500 and USD20000 respectively irrespective of plan opted by the insured.
    For above 80 years age compulsory medical Reports as above mentioned, are required.

  15. Is there any special policy for Kailash manasarovar?

    You have an option of choosing any of EURO/USA Plan .Only important point to note is that Expenses relating to Medical, Evacuation and Repatriation for all covered illness and injury arising out of any insured traveling to Kailash Manasarovar will be restricted to USD 5000 only per occurrence irrespective of plan chosen.

  16. What if I have some illness or disease, will that also be covered under travel insurance?

    Any pre-existing disease or illness and anything related to existing disease or illness is not covered under this policy, however it is still necessary to buy insurance. The basic purpose of insurance is to cover you against the unexpected, unforeseen circumstances.

    You may be worried about the pre-existing conditions. but, you may get into any health problem due to weather change, allergies in a new place, change of food, cold, fever, flu, diarrhea, pneumonia, food poisoning, getting hit by car, or any other small or big health problems like urine infection, heart attack for reasons not related to pre-existing conditions.

  17. What if I want to cancel my policy?

    The policy may be canceled after giving in writing to the company. Please note policy can be canceled if you have not traveled or claimed under the policy. The company retains 300 INR from the premium amount.

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