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Tatkal train ticket booking hacks

Tatkal train ticket booking hacks

In this era of lightning-fast life, the smart-users want everything at the last minute and yet confirmed. Waiting, having patience and lagging behind is not the cup of tea for Gen-next. So for the go-getters, tatkal booking comes as a huge respite. But then the ‘tatkal train ticket bookings’ is a race against time. The moment the clock ticks 10 (AM), it’s a huge rush online on the government-based website www.irctc.gov.in. It’s not only you but thousands of users including travel agencies and corporate travel agents who want to confirm their tickets through tatkal quota. So, there are a few things you must know to smooth sail into the process. If you are not a pro, let’s get into the important tricks for better access and success.

Early bird

To bag a confirmed tatkal ticket faster, you need to be smart and hawk-eyed. You need to know how important every second is and as soon as online booking counter opens, you need to be active. For that you need to login a few minutes earlier say at 9.50 or 9.55. Be active on your page at around 9.58 and at sharp 10:00 am, land on to ‘plan my travel’ page. Be really quick to fill in your details, chose your destination and quota as tatkal and no sooner it is 10, submit it.


As already said, the booking is all about being ahead of time, it’s very important to enter the passenger details beforehand so that your session remains alive without wasting time on obvious information. Much before 10:00 AM (for AC class) and 11 AM (for non-ac class), be equipped filling the passenger detail lists in advance. After your login, you can fill the details like destination, time, date, I-card details, phone number etc. On reaching the payment stage, you can just stop and save it. Now, exactly when you have to book it, you can just visit the page again and there you will have your details as it were. All you will be left with are captcha and payment.

Multiple accounts

Everything is fair when it comes to IRCTC tatkal bookings. You need to stay logged onto multiple accounts to beat others in the race. One login id/account is just not enough as during peak hours, the procedure is sluggish and there are rare chances of getting through. For that matter you need multiple accounts through multiple devices. Kindly note multiple login ids donot mean that you will use same ids on different systems. Those have to be completely different accounts on different devices. You might lose your reservation if IRCTC detects same ids or IP addresses for bookings.

Internet speed

Well, before the early birds eat up all your berths, it’s better to have a check on your internet connection and speed. Needless to say, it is a very important criterion to get success. If your internet is slow or down at round 10:00, the game is over. A good internet service provider is anyways the need of the hour. So, without fail go for a good tariff plan available in market with good speed and data. You may also boost your internet connection by closing your FB, Insta and Twitter apps. These apps tend to slow down the speed. Even if you are not active on those pages, they interfere with the running internet.

Much before you begin

There are things you need to note and keep handy before you start. Booking through tatkal is a step-by-step process which asks for your ID proofs, driving license, PAN Card, passenger’s birth details etc. Keep these close because once you start, you cannot forego your session looking for your important card and details. Also, gather other information like station codes, arrival and departure stations names etc to avoid blunders. Having prior knowledge, required documents and proofs by your side will maximize your chances of confirmation.

Catch the captcha

Filling the captcha is as important as filling the details. People mess it up writing the incorrect captcha code and the session-time increases making the bookings difficult. Even if the entire details are correct but captcha is invalid, you will lose. So, it’s better to have a good glance before doing it in a hurry. Don’t forget that this tiny feature plays a big role in completing your reservation.

Payment getaway

Try to opt for net-banking through private banks like HDFC or ICICI as an approach to your final payment. Net banking is said to be faster whereas cards take longer duration for its long figures.

Abstain these buttons

Well, it’s a common misconception that during the booking process you cannot use refresh and back button. Ofcourse you can do it at initial stages of filling form and details but not when you land on the payment page. Once you are left with pay option, kindly don’t even think of trying these buttons. The screen may go idle and you will be dropped out of the session entirely. So, refrain from these clicks and save your efforts.

Patience and peace

Well apart from being tech-savvy, having knowledge and data, there is one important factor that can help you with your confirmation. Patience and relaxed mind can help a lot in your hard work. Being fuzzy and hassled might lead to filling incorrect details. So stay calm and carry on because under stress things will go haywire.

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Be it an individual, a travel agency, or any corporate travel agents; the thumb rule for tatkal train ticket bookings stays the same. As every second is precious during the procedure; these simple hacks can make your bookings easy and effortless.

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