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Things to consider while booking a hotel (for corporates)

Things to consider while booking a hotel (for corporates)

Needless to say, there are a few basic amenities that hoteliers and agents must know before taking bookings from their clients. But with different set of travellers, the arrangements and services differs. When it is a corporate channel there are different particulars that needed to be taken care of. Business-class clientele have purposes which are defined and specific and those are exactly what a hotel, travel agents and travel websites must undertake to please their corporate guests. Let’s see as to what factors must be included as to please the professionals.

Measures to avoid set-backs

Besides offering super-class services to their guests, it is equally important to fix travel related problems. There are chances one can face issues like delayed flights, lost reservations, cancellations etc. No wonder, the responsibility is not entirely on one person but the agents and hotels can minimize the effects for sure. The disruptions can be prevented and handled by offering online check-in facility; flight status notifications etc and by providing instant solutions to delays and bookings as much as possible. All travel-related information can be the key in handling the situations and hence saving the expenses of the organization.

Fitness centres and spa

A significant number of people place greater emphasis on health and fitness while travelling. Perhaps these are not mere entertainment spaces for business travellers but a need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They really want to stretch and relax after long flights and journey. It’s one of the most loved amenities, much more than their room or coffee.

Conference rooms

Event and seminar rooms should be top-notch and spacious enough to accommodate the large gathering. Managers, employees, directors need a well-equipped and spacious seminar and conference rooms as a main feature to their business trip arrangement.


A good destination is very important for professionals to keep the stress away. They wish to make the most of the place while travelling. After the long hectic meetings, the employees would love to explore shopping complexes, restaurants and entertainment centres. So, for blending business travel with leisure, the travellers truly value the hotel destination. There are many who even want it right next to the airport and then there are a few who love to stroll safe at night after the meetings.

Other Business-related amenities

For business travellers, there are other myriad professional services that matter a lot for their satisfaction and business. High-speed internet, availability of printer, fax, copying machine, phone services and 24x7 customer-care support are some over-the-top hotel amenities for the corporate clients. Besides these, friendliness of staff and complimentary vouchers related to drinks and meals also looks lucrative.


When it is work-related travel, ambience does improve productivity to an extent. The big shots of the companies have a knack for an amazing ambience. Cleanliness, quietness and serene environment fulfil their need of de-stressing and feeling relaxed. Ambience plays a big role in keeping the hustle bustle of the city at bay. Also, rooms must be sound insulated and should be away from the gym, restaurants or elevators for the guests to feel welcomed.

The set-up

Adapting to the need of mobile professionals is a must in travel sector. Be it a seminar, launch, activity or a show; to get things going easily and effectively, there is significant amount of setting and testing that is required. From posters to banners and projectors to microphones; everything that goes into the planning must be arranged well in advance.

Digitally-equipped room

The client’s room should be equipped enough for office-related work. For that one can ensure an access to printer, a good Wi-Fi connection and even a flat screen TV. Good lighting and couches for comfortable seating are a few minor details to make a major difference.

In-room services

There are a certain small things that can be provided in the room to make professionals happy and content. An organization spends millions in marketing and growth strategies and the little that they want in return for their employees is comfort. Items as basic as coffee maker, full-length mirror, bottled water, bedside table and iron can count as amenities.


Every business traveller looks for this facility. Reaching safe and relaxed to the destination is as important as enjoying it. The range of vehicles not only impresses travellers but makes them comfortable and ready to kick it off. Navigating and looking for routes adds to the stress while a transport provided can take it away.

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Needs of a corporate traveller are different from those who are simply flying off for a holiday. So, keeping in mind the business aspect, there are a few special amenities that must be kept in mind. Professional facilities are extremely significant for eliminating the stress from the traveller.

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