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Bhopal Excursions

Bhimbetka Caves (Approx 46 Kms from Bhopal)
The caves, on the northern fringe of the Vindhyan ranges, were the adobe to the primitive man. There are over 600 caves or the rock shelters dating back to the Stone Age. The paintings depict in vivid detail, the life and subsistence of the pre-historic cave dwellers. The oldest paintings are supposed to be up to 12,000 years old becoming an invaluable record of the history of man.

Pachmarhi (Approx 195 Kms from Bhopal)
Its serene backcloth, with emerald forest glades, jamun groves, cascading waterfalls, deep ravines and coppices of sal and bamboo, make it an ideal sanctuary for communing with the beauty of nature. The cave shelters in the Mahadeo Hills that house ancient rock paintings increase its popularity amongst tourists. A mountain ride to Pachmarhi is must, while you go for recreational trips around Bhopal.

Sanchi (Approx 46 Kms from Bhopal)
Sanchi is perched on a secluded hill, its clusters of stupas, chaityas and monasteries make it one of the most significant visitations of tourists from all corner of the globe. These stupas, constructed within 3rd century BC and 12th century AD, bequeath the place with a lot of historical and religious importance. On Buddha Purnima, Buddhists congregate here to celebrate the triple anniversary of Gautama Buddha's birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.

Bhojpur (Approx 28 Kms from Bhopal)
This is famous for the Bhojeshwar Temple devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple overlooks a vast, now dried-up lake. The temple has a massive lingam, 2.3 mts high and 5.3 mts in circumference. The earthen ramp raising it to dome-level still stands as the temple was never completed. Still the temple is one of the best specimens of temple architecture of the 11th-13th centuries.

Udaygiri (Approx 13 Kms from Sanchi)
Udaigiri, famous for its rock-cut cave sanctuaries. There are many Hindu and Jain caves that run in succession here and impart the place its charm. You can find delicately carved images of Lord Vishnu here. It is believed that Buddhist monks used these caves as their abodes in 2 B.C. Built mainly during the reign of Chandragupta II, a visit to these ancient caverns, along with the Gupta temple perched on the summit of this hill, will help you understand the aesthetic dimensions of Gupta art and architecture

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