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Amboseli Sightseeing

Hot Air Balloon
A life time experience. You will get a breath taking sun rise view of the Kilimanjaro, and about 40 minutes flight over the park. Directions are subject to the available winds. The service is only available during the dry season.

Amboseli Park offers a variety of long routes, wildlife and landscapes.

Sunr rise and sun set hours are the "Prime Time" of the show, though there is a lot to see throughout the day.

Dust Devils
Amboseli area is like a giant dust bowl, vast & dry and that's why most animals are seen at the swamp. As the hot air quickly rises near the surface through a small pocket of low pressure, it picks up the dry dust and forms "Dust Devil" which resembles a mini twister. These Dust Devils may not be dangerous but they can be uncomfortable when they hit you.

Amboseli Elephants
Amboseli is famous for its huge number of elephants. The African elephant is the largest living land animal and weighs up to 5,400 kg. Besides its greater size, it differs from the Asian elephant in having larger ears and tusks, a sloping forehead, and two “fingers” at the tip of its trunk, compared to only one in the Asian elephants trunk.

Amboseli Lions
A male lion is 1.2m tall at the shoulders and weighs up to 200 kilo. Females are slightly smaller and weigh about 130 kg. Lions prey mainly on large animals such as zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and even giraffe. The lionesses of the pride hunt as a team.  In the picture you see a liones that has killed and eaten recently, the bloodstains are still visible on her legs and head.

Observation Hill
Amboseli National Park is predominantly flat except for several rocky outcrops and a small hill where you can get fabulous views of the national park and Mt Kilimanjaro. Observation Hill is great as a lookout as well as a place to take pictures.You can see for miles and it's quite breezy. The big swamp, where all sorts of animals congregate, is right at the foot of the hill.

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