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Nakuru Sightseeing

Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley Soda Lake. It lies to the south of Nakuru, in central Kenya and is protected by a small Lake Nakuru National Park. The lake's abundance of algae attracts the vast quantity of flamingoes that famously lines the shore. Other birds also flourish in the area, as do warthogs, baboons and other large mammals. Black and white rhinos have also been introduced.

National Park
The Lake Nakuru National Park is a wildlife reserve that surrounds the Nakuru Lake . It is best known for being one of the few parks left where you can still spot a big Black Rhino amongst other animals.

Rhino Sanctuary
The Rhino Sanctuary was established 1984. In 1986 a solar powered electric was installed by Rhino Rescue Trust. The Rhino Sanctuary began with the translocation of two adult males, one from Kitengala and the other from Lewa Downs. Today the rhino population stands at 60 Black Rhinos and 40 White Rhinos. The main challenges of lake Nakuru as a conservation site are a large population, deforestation of catchments, situation & pollution.

Hyrax Hill Acheological site & Museum
Hyrax Hill Archeological site has both stone age and neolithic exhibits. The sites dates back 3000 years ago. Within the site is an ethnographic museum exhibiting artefacts of the inhabitants of Riftvalley including the stone tools.

Menengai Crater
A short drive, or long walk up the road from the city center, you arrive at a fantastic vista, the Menengai Crater rim. You are perched high above the valley floor and you can easily make out the entire volcanic rim. Be warned it is super-windy and there are no guardrails preventing you from making a news headline back home.

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