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Bentota Sightseeing

Cinnamon Island
Cinnamon Island is in the middle of the mangroves. Cinnamon grows like weeds here. Interestingly, there is only one family living on the whole island, in a house with no electricity, phone, gas, or running water.

Koduwa Temple
Amidst the mangroves in the area is the Koduwa Temple, an ancient temple believed to be over 100 years old. A young Buddhist monk in training usually takes the tourists around. As per custom, shoes are to be removed and a flower is to be placed at the feet of the statue.

Tapping the Toddy
One of the main traditional occupations 'tapping the toddy' (a fermented sap used as an alcooholic drink) can be seen here. The tappers transfer from palm tree to palm tree on a network of tightropes: like a circus act to collect and tap the 'jungle juice.'

Brief Garden - Bevis Bawa
One should not miss a morning or evening excursion to "Brief gardens", a wonderful estate, owned by a former Sri Lankan architect and artist, who lived there with his lover and died in 1992. The estate and park have been bequeathed to his gardener/ servant, who still owns the place and gives interesting tours.

With such delightful surroundings, guests have the privilege of wandering the glorious gardens at will, resting in the shade of picturesque pavilions to gaze at the views. Boat trips on the Deduwa Lake, to see the property from a different vantage point, can also be arranged as well as bird watching and inland tours.

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