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Sigiria Sightseeing

These are one of the highlights of Sigiriya. They are depicted in three quarter profile. Originally, there were over 500 paintings drawn across the face of Sigiriya Rock forming a gigantic gallery of paintings. Only 23 of these remain today and they are still in good conditions today under the sheltered gallery.

Sigiria Rock Fortress
Ruins of the fabled palace spread across the very peak of the "Lion Rock". Surrounding the foot of the rock, extending for several hundred meters, are Asia's oldest surviving landscape gardens.

Water Gardens
Crossing the moats and approaching the rock through the main entrance, you first arrive at the Water Gardens. These are ornamental gardens containing symmetrically arranged ponds, water channels and tiny fountains.

Mirror Wall With Graffiti
Coated with polished lime, this wall reflects like glass. Scribbled on the surface of the Mirror Wall are nearly 1,500 pieces of prose and poetry composed by the ancient visitors who flocked to Sigiriya from all over the island.

The Rock
Sigiriya is coverd by the cultural traingle round ticket. most significant feature of the Rock would have been the Lion staircase leading to the palace garden on the summit. Through the open mouth of the Lion had led the covered staircase built of bricks and timber and a tiled roof.

Cobra Hood Cave
This rocky projection camed its name because the overhang resembles a fully opened cobra's hood. Below the drip ledge is a 2nd century BC inscription that indicates it belonged to Chief Naguli, who would have donated it to a monk.

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