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Sri Lanka Shopping

Sri Lanka
Don't visit to Colombo for mall style shopping. Colombo offers wide range of handicrafts and other items on sale. Government-run 'Laksala' emporium is one of the best places to buy handicrafts like batik, lacquerware, handloom cloth, painted wooden masks etc. In addition, there are the Handloom Emporium, the Sri Lanka Handloom Emporium and the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Exchange. Daily use chores -including some excellent spices, teas and fruit flavored teas, spices, ceramics and clothing can be purchased at Liberty Plaza, Colombo's main shopping district. One can purchase plenty of imported goods in Colombo for it is a free trade zone.. There are some places for shopping like Majestic City, Beverly Street, Odel, Paradise Road, Zam Gems, Miesna Tea Centre. 

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